Pekins: Agda, brown, behind her frizzled black Dagny, yellow Elvira, behind her black Cecilia and in front the late rooster Agne


I  am since a year chicken owner - an old dream of mine. After some work with building a hen house and a hen pen, I could finally get the first chickens (pekins) from Lilla Holmen, a small poultry park here on Åland. A couple of months later I picked up a few more (sabelpoot), in Helsinki this time. After that I have hatched eggs in incubator and also naturally. Beware, this hobby is addictive... :-)

You can find a few more pictures of my chickens in the gallery - poor quality, but anyway.


Canelen, sabelpoot cockerel

I fell in love with this breed immediately when I first saw it in a chicken breed book.

Sabelpoot is a true bantam, they are not a variety of any big breed.

They are small chickens with booted legs, and appears in a range of colors. The breed is often called Mille Fleur which is not an actual breed name but a color - it means a thousand flowers in french. My cockerel Canelen in the picture above is a Mille Fleur. The other colors I have are porcelain and buff mottled (gold-white). Miille fleur, porcelain and lemon porcelain are the most common of colors.

The breed is social and easily tamed and are nice broodys. They are good flyers.


Dagny, the frizzled bantam cochin hen

I have got two hens, of which one is frizzled - the feathers on the frizzle curve outward and forward giving it the appearance of having walked through a wind storm backwards...

Bantam cochins are a true bantam, they are not a variety of the big cochin breed.
Cochins are known to be a good beginners chicken - gentle and easily tamed. It is a popular show breed.
The breed appears in many colours. My group is a mixed colour group, but if you're in to shows you should have "pure" colours.

Cochins are known to be good both at laying eggs and also hatch them - really good mothers!


Pyhtään lintutarha - my Sabelpoots breeder - very informative site with lots of nice pictures - lots of info and pics of all kind of fowl

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